KSEA Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in the US (APPLY HERE)


To recognize outstanding undergraduate students in the United States who excel in academics as well as in services to the community, and have demonstrated a potential to become future leaders of the society for closer cooperation between the U.S. and Korea.


  • Number of recipients: 30
  • Scholarship award: $1,500 each


  • Undergraduate students of Korean heritage at an accredited institution in the US with a minimum of 2 semesters or 3 quarters completed as a college student at the time of application.
  • Scholarship applicants must have an undergraduate student status on the date of the application deadline.
  • Major in science, engineering, or related fields
  • Active KSEA membership (You must be a KSEA member with active membership in order to apply)
    • Please make sure your information in “My Profile” on the website is correct and up to date prior to the submission.
    • Please make sure you pay membership to have an active membership ($0 for undergraduates)
  • You must submit the application first and notify recommenders and the school to send official documents.
  • Previous recipients of any KSEA scholarships are not eligible to apply

List of Scholarships

  • KSEA Scholarships (multiple) : $1,500 per award
  • KSEA-Rim Scholarship (10) : $1,500 per award
    • KSEA-Rim Scholarship was established by Mr. Jihoon Rim, professor at Stern Business School at New York University and former CEO of Kakao Corp. Prof. Rim has gratefully pledged to donate $15,000 a year to help KSEA support more undergraduate scholarship awardees starting 2022.
  • Named Scholarships
    • Shoon Kyung Kim Scholarship (1) : $1,500 per award
    • Inyong Ham Scholarship (1) : $1,500 per award
    • Nam Sook & Je Hyun Kim Scholarship (1) : $1,500 per award
    • Woojin Scholarship (1): $1,500 per award
    • Chunghi Hong Park Scholarship (2) : $1,500 per award for women
    • Yohan & Rumie Cho Scholarship (1): $1,500 per award
    • Changkiu Riew & Hyunsoo Kim Scholarship (1): $1,500 per award
    • Jae S. and Kyuho Lim Scholarship (1): $1,500 per award
    • Yoo, YoungSoo & Im, KyungBin Scholarship (1): $1500 per award
    • Chan Il & Young Hee Chung Scholarship (1): $1500 per award
    • 樂山 李龍洛 Scholarship (1): $1,500 per award
    • Tai Ryang and You Hyun Shin Scholarship (1): $1,500 per award
    • Kyong Chul Chun Scholarship (1): $1,500 per award
    • Chan-Mo Park Scholarship (1): $1,500 per award for students majoring in Computer Science/Engineering
    • Hahn-Paek Scholarship (1): $1,500 per award
    • Drs. Kiuck & OkSoon Lee Scholarship (1): $1,500 per award
    • Chongsook & Nakho Sung Scholarship (1): $1,500 per award

Application Materials

Online application only (https://www.ksea.org/scholarship). Other materials including essay and copy of transcript must be submitted Online in PDF format. The maximum file size for each is 2MB.

  1. Curriculum Vitae or resumé (including education, work experience, publications, extracurricular activities, and involvement in KSEA and Korean community activities).  Resumé must be in PDF format, 1 page.
  2. An essay: Describe your present and future contribution to your local community based on your major in undergraduate school. (600-800 words limit)
  3. Official transcripts from up to two colleges attended. You may submit an unofficial transcript (PDF) or scanned copy of an official transcript (PDF) online, (The maximum file size for each is 2 MB) but you MUST send an official transcript to KSEA for verification. Your school can send soft copies of your official transcript to KSEA (scholarship@ksea.org) electronically. In the application form, you will be asked to provide the overall GPA and also average GPA by each semester.
  4. Two recommendation letters: At least one letter must be from a college professor, the other could be from a professor or a current / former KSEA official such as Executive Committee member, local professional Chapter President, or a Councilor. Current Scholarship Committee members cannot write a recommendation letter.
    • One letter can be from the supervisor at work or at the volunteer institution.
  5. Email recommendation letters are accepted if:
    1) The recommendation letter is attached in an email as a letter headed document with a sign on it (it could be a scanned letter)
    2) The email address of the sender shows the institution that the person who writes the letter is affiliated (emails using yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc accounts are not acceptable). Send the letter of recommendation to scholarship@ksea.org
  6. No supplemental materials beyond the above will be accepted.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Academic performance
  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume
  • Recommendation letters (letters we receive will be uploaded in March)
  • KSEA activities and community service
  • Essay

Application Deadline

  • Deadline: 5:00 PM (EDT) March 31, 2023

Announcement and Award Presentation

  • The recipients of the scholarships will be announced on the KSEA webpage (http://www.ksea.org/) by May, 2023. Undergraduate Scholarship Checks will be sent via postal mail.  

If you have any questions on scholarship application, please contact:

KSEA Scholarship Committee
1952 Gallows Rd., Suite 300
Vienna, VA 22182
phone: 703-748-1221, fax: 703-748-1331
E-mail: scholarship@ksea.org