HAC Conflict of Interest and Neutrality Rules

1. Conflict of interest (COI) rules 

1) Definition of COI and Potential Impacts to KSEA 

A conflict of interest (COI) refers to a situation where a conflict arises for an individual between two competing interests.  A COI is a situation in which a person or organization is involved in multiple interests (financial, emotional, or otherwise), one of which could possibly corrupt the motivation of the individual or organization.  The mere potential for or perception of a conflict could be seen unfair to other applicants or nominees and such circumstances would not help achieve KSEA’s objectives. 

2) Guidelines for the Evaluation of YIG, Honors and Awards 

a. A HAC member must not be recommended for any award and recognition administered by the HAC. 

b. An Auditor must not be involved in application, nomination, and recommendation process. 

c. A HAC member should recuse himself/herself from voting on any applicants for YIG and nominees for honors/awards in the following cases: 

i. If there is an applicant/a nominee who is a family member, a close friend, a colleague at the same institution, a collaborator in business/research projects, or a KSEA member who he/she closely worked through EC, Council, KSEA chapters or Committees OR 

ii. If there is an applicant/a nominee for whom he/she has submitted a recommendation letter for any circumstances for the recent three years OR 

iii. If there is an applicant/a nominee whom he/she has served on an applicant/a nominee’s Master’s or Ph.D. thesis or he/she is a student supervised by an applicant/a nominee.  

d. A HAC member should disclose any potential COIs, and recuse himself/herself from voting. If needed, HAC can vote on each potential COI case. 

2. Neutrality of President and President-Elect 

HAC should be impartial and nonpartisan. Nominations or recommendations from the President (P) or the President-Elect (PE) shall not be considered in the evaluation process. 

3.  Eligibility of FP, P, PE and PE-candidate for certain awards 

Former President (FP), P, PE and PE-candidate are not eligible for Scientist of the Year Award, Engineer of the Year Award, Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Outstanding Community Service Award and Young Generation Leadership Award.