Should I be a KSEA member to apply for the scholarship?

-> Yes. In order to apply for the KSEA scholarship, you must be a KSEA member with an active membership. The membership fee for undergraduates is free, for Graduates is $15.00, and for postdoc fellowships is $35.00.

Here is the instruction on how to become a member with active membership.


1- go to

2- provide the login ID, email, and password (that is longer than 8 with a capital letter and a special character included)

3- check the inbox and provide the code

4- sign in with the new password 

5- hover over the top right corner (circle shape) and click “My Profile”

6- please update each section (Personal Info, KSEA Info, Work Info, Education Info, and Membership Info) under “My Profile”

7- click on “Membership Information” and complete the transaction


If you would like to renew/check the membership, please follow the steps:

This is the tutorial video for the members who never logged in to our new website (only for steps 1-7):

1- go to

2- click the “Sign In” button located in the top right corner

3- click “Reset/Forgot Password?”

4- provide the email that is registered to originally

5- check the inbox and provide the code

6- set up the new password

7- sign in with the new password 

8- hover over the top right corner (circle shape) and click “My Profile”

9- please update each section 

10- click “Membership Information”

11- click the corresponding category and complete the transaction

12- done!

Where can I find the instructions and topics for the essay?

-> Please click below to find the corresponding information.



Postdoc fellowship:

How does the recommendation/official transcript submission process work?

-> Please contact the recommenders and school to send the documents to Sender’s email address must be the institution’s email such as ending with, not ending with,, etc.

I am majoring in Policy Analysis and Management. However, I am taking all the pre-medical requirement classes and all the basic science classes and am currently researching in a Nutritional Sciences lab on International Nutrition to become a medical doctor. Am I eligible for the Scholarship?

-> Yes. As long as you take all the Pre-Med requirements to become a medical doctor, you may apply for the Scholarship with the Pre-Med Major

I was a recipient two years ago and I was wondering if I could be eligible again.

-> No. Previous recipients of any KSEA scholarship are not eligible. Please check the scholarship website

For the recommendation, it says I need two recommendations. Can they be from 2 professors?

-> Yes. At least one letter must be from a college professor which means your academic advisor; the other could be from a professor or a current/former KSEA official such as an Executive Committee member, local professional Chapter President, or a Councilor. Please see the scholarship website

I will be graduating this year. Am I still eligible for the 2022 KSEA scholarship for undergraduates?

-> Yes. As long as you attend a college as of March 31, 2022 (deadline for application), you are eligible for the undergraduate scholarship.

Is there any specific format or requirement for the essay?

-> No. There is no specific format for the essay. Please see the scholarship website for the essay topics.



Postdoc fellowship: